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Slip and Fall Accident

You must understand what to do after a slip and fall accident clearly. Getting injured in a slip and fall accident isn’t what you expect. But, the saddest thing is it will certainly happen at some point in your life. The moment is painful and confusing, especially if another person or business is at fault.

A slip-and-fall accident victim may suffer different injuries, including head trauma, broken bones, etc. It can be very costly as you need to compensate for pain as well as suffering. While you want to do as best as possible, you are confused about where to begin.

Well, you can file a claim to recover your medical expenses and other losses. What step you take immediately after the accident can impact your chances to get a decent recovery. So, it is essential to understand the necessary measures for your recovery.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident: Step by Step Process

When you get injured due to another person’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. The guilty opponent and its insurance company will try to pay you less than you deserve.

That’s why; act cautiously and quickly right after your injury to protect your rights. Here we’ll discuss a couple of things you need to do right away.

Also, there are many symptoms to look for after a fall and slip accident. Make sure to follow the steps to give yourself the best chance to recover compensation for your injuries.

1. Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

At first, you need to seek medical attention for your safety. Also, this step will help to build your case. It would help if you did it as fast as possible. Every passing day will reduce the value of your case.

If you want to strengthen your claim, you must record your injuries. The defendant and insurance companies will try to prove that the accident didn’t cause your injuries. The document of your medical record determines the timing of the accident.

Delays in the medical treatment weaken your claim. You cannot claim medical expenses without medical records. Moreover, the level of your injuries may not be evident to you after the accident.

Some injuries might be invisible to you but not to the medical expert. So, it is essential to visit the emergency room or your family doctor. Make sure you mention everything to your doctor.

2. Report the Accident to the Accused Party

Then must report the accident to the property owner or store manager immediately. If the accident takes place in any business property, the manager or landlord is accountable.

Report the accident as early as possible, even if you were taken by emergency personnel. Then, ask for a copy of the accident report either before or after leaving the scene. You may also ask for the report from the police if they are summoned.

Note that the copy of the accident will come in handy if you have a technical legal case. Also, do not sign any forms at the accident scene.

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3. Inspect the Scene and Report Everything

It is merely essential to know what causes the accident. If you get injured in a shop, then check for any water on the floor. The best time to note down the cause of your accident right after it occurs.

If you could pinpoint the cause, you the store owner can do to prevent such accidents. Thereupon, you should note down the name, address, and phone number of potential witnesses. You may ask for a brief explanation about what they saw.

Their statement could help if you want to pursue a legal claim. Don’t panic if there is no third-party witness. You can still make a strong legal claim. Along with the witness, you must take a picture of the accident site where you fell. Also, these pictures will prove that the incident is valid.

4. Limit Communication with the Accused Party

In slip and fall cases, it is wise to keep your conversation to a minimum. Do not share details with the accused business owners, homeowners, and other witnesses. Otherwise, they will testify to your statement.

Limit your communication with them and try to avoid being rude. Remain calm and deny giving any statement to the accused parties or their insurance company.  The slip and fall cases require investigation. Until the court reaches any final decision, you should not take the blame or blame the accused person.

5. Preserve What You Wore that Day

You may need the clothes and shoes you wore on the day of the accident. Do not wash those belongings in any way. The damage or blood mark on the clothes may act as necessary evidence. It’s essential to remember to understand what to do after a slip and fall accident because the authority may ask you about it.

6. Write Down Things

Everything associated with the accident needs to be written down. Your memory might be weakened with time. So, note down every single detail, even the less important ones. Keep track of your injuries from falling, symptoms, and pain. All these things can help you make your claim stronger.

7. Contact a Lawyer

If you are considering any legal action, the best option to keep a lawyer by your side. Slip and fall cases include a lot of negotiations and legal steps. You may not understand what an experienced lawyer will understand.

The accused party and its insurance company’s goal are to pay you as least as possible. While you negotiate with the other party, they will try to twist your words. Here an experienced lawyer can help you.

A slip and fall accident lawyer knows how to handle the negotiations. They know when to provide any information. Also, they will guide you about the steps to take immediately after the accident. In short, a lawyer can help you increase the value of your damages.

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What to Keep in Mind

While following the mentioned steps, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Do not miss any medical appointments. If you miss a meeting, the other party will try to prove that you weren’t seriously injured.
  • Try to determine the duration of the dangerous condition.
  • Maintain a case file and document all the facts and evidence.
  • Communicate cautiously with the insurance company.

Final Verdict

The step you take immediately after a slip and fall accident can help you make a fair claim. The best you do, the better recovery you may get from your slip and fall claim. From taking photographs to seeking medical help, everything is essential to preserve and build your claim.

Last of all, the sooner you work with a qualified lawyer, the better. We hope you if you read the entire article carefully, you will understand what to do after a slip and fall accident. It will helpful for you while you will be applying for claiming compensation for your losses.

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