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Edmonton Pedestrian & Bike Accidents Lawyers

There are few accidents more horrifying. Pedestrians and cyclists simply have no defense against automobiles. If you face any pedestrian and bike accident lawyers then you need to consult with experienced pedestrian and bike accident lawyer. We can help you claiming compensation for what you have lost in the accident.

Yet these types of collisions happen every day in Edmonton.

When they do, the victims of these accidents are sometimes in for a nasty surprise: they learn the driver’s insurance policy isn’t eager to pay them one cent for their injuries, lost opportunities, pain, or suffering.

Indeed, they tend to find out very quickly that the insurance company hopes to blame them for the accident so they can get out of paying anything at all.

Pedestrians and Cyclists Don’t Get Automatic Wins

There are numerous times in the body of Alberta case law that pedestrians and cyclists lose cases. Courts find that they broke traffic laws, or left the safety of the curb. Sometimes cyclists and pedestrians don’t do anything wrong, but the courts still rule that the motorist had absolutely no way to see them coming or to stop on time.

The defense is certainly going to attempt to take advantage of this precedent. They will look for any opportunity to reduce their liability at your expense.

Even when they make you an offer it’s likely to be much lower than you’ll need to pay for your long-term care. This is because injuries from these accidents tend to be extensive, and expensive. Once you sign off they win, because you can’t sue them for more.

Before you make any decisions it’s imperative that you talk to a qualified personal injury lawyer in Edmonton with experience handling these types of cases. Ideally, you’ll do so the moment you’re medically capable of picking up the phone. We can deal with the insurance companies for you, ensuring you don’t make any major mistakes that harm your case.

We have experience reconstructing the facts of the case and protecting the rights of cyclists and pedestrians.

Wrongful Death Cases

It’s quite common for these cases to result in the death of victims. These tragic deaths create expenses for family members.

Spouses, parents, and children of pedestrians and cyclists killed in automobile accidents can make wrongful death claims. These claims can’t assuage your grief, but they can help you replace your loved one’s lost income and services. They can also help you pay for funeral expenses, or medical expenses associated with the accident if your loved one didn’t die right away.

The insurance company will not pay this money voluntarily. Get help from one of our experienced lawyers to ensure you get the compensation you need to absorb this tragic loss.

Get started today.

It just takes one phone call. Dial (780) 413-9777 to schedule your consultation. You don’t need to worry about paying a retainer or coming up with the money for an hourly rate. our pedestrian & bike accident lawyers work on contingency, which means we don’t get paid until you win your case or receive a satisfactory settlement. Most of our clients get far more with our help than they’d ever get alone, even after our fees are accounted for.

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