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What Happens If You are Injured in an Uber Featured Image

What Happens If You are Injured in an Uber?

Are you a frequent Uber rider? Wondering what happens if you are injured in an Uber? Like any other car accident in Canada, you claim compensation for the accident that occurred in an Uber. Let’s know in detail in the following sections. Accident in Uber—Where Does Uber Stand Legally? Uber or ride-sharing services follow Canada’s […]

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What is an Anoxic Brain Injury Featured Image

What is an Anoxic Brain Injury?

The brain is the most critical organ in the body. It requires regular blood and oxygen flow to work correctly and remain healthy. If the flow of blood and oxygen is interrupted even for a little bit, there can be severe damage done to the brain, resulting in permanent disabilities and loss of function. Read […]

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Minor Injury Regulation in Alberta Featured Image

Minor Injury Regulation in Alberta

In a recent announcement, the Superintendent of Insurance established a minor injury maximum value for 2022 at $5.365. This is a 2.3 percent raise over the previous year’s. The minor injury cap also applies to car accidents in Alberta on or after January 1, 2022. According to the Minor Injury Regulation, the minor injury cap […]

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Can You Sue Someone For Emotional Distress

Can You Sue Someone for Emotional Distress

You’ll rarely hear an “emotional distress” suit formally discussed in Alberta courts; they’re usually called “torts.” A tort is any wrongful or negligent act that leads to someone else getting hurt, suffering a loss, or coming to harm. Any loss generates a tort case. You know these cases best as personal injury cases.  It’s also […]

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Car Accident Insurance Claims Do's and Don'ts

Car Accident Insurance Claims do’s and don’ts

It’s easy to make mistakes when you make a car accident insurance claim. Every mistake that you make can reduce the eventual value of your settlement. If you heed all these do’s and don’ts, you increase the potential value of your claim and increase your chances of a successful claim. Making the right moves isn’t […]

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