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Have you been injured in a commercial truck accident? Even a small cargo truck can create massive injuries, and truck accidents with an 18-wheeler can be devastating. The injuries caused can come with lifelong pain, or even an inability to work. You can get an opportunity to get compensation for your losses if you get in touch with a truck accident lawyer in Edmonton, Canada.

The companies who run and manage these trucks don’t want to pay you for the injuries you’ve sustained. Neither do their insurance companies. You can expect them to try to make a low-ball offer that won’t cover your expenses. When that doesn’t work, you can expect them to try to stall you or trick you into harming your own case.

When you work with Injury Lawyer of Edmonton, you get protection. We’ll help you get your best chance at securing the compensation you need to meet your expenses after the accident.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in Edmonton?

The corporations running these trucks will do everything they can to prove the accident was your fault.

Meanwhile, it takes an in-depth knowledge of trucking law to refute these companies. Truck drivers are held to a higher duty of care than the driver of a passenger vehicle, simply because their vehicle is so much bigger and heavier.

This means you need a lawyer who understands:

  • How to look for potential violations of Canadian trucking law.
  • How to look for negligence in how truckers were hired and trained.
  • How to find evidence of ineffective or negligent maintenance.
  • How to look for other responsible parties, such as parts manufacturers who might have provided the truck with a defective part.
  • How to get evidence that a trucker might have been under the influence when the accident took place.

An inexperienced lawyer will treat this just like another car accident case, meaning they’d look only at the facts of the accident itself. This misses valuable opportunities to strengthen your case. This is especially true as truck accident victims are rarely in much of a position to help themselves immediately after an accident: they’re often too hurt or unconscious to gather evidence or take pictures, giving defendants a head start.

Wrongful Death Cases

Sadly, many truck accident cases result in the deaths of their victims. If you’re the parent, child, or spouse of a truck accident victim, this horrific event has generated many changes in your life. Some of those changes involve the loss of income or services that your loved one brought to your household.

You may also be left with bills, such as funeral expenses, or medical bills incurred prior to your loved one’s death.

We understand that money can’t bring your loved one back.

Yet pursuing your wrongful death claim can help you get the money you need to survive their loss.

The trucking company’s insurance provider isn’t just going to volunteer to pay this money. You need help from a lawyer who can hold them accountable. We are truck accident and wrongful death lawyers who care about our clients and their families. Reach out to us for help today.

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