Common Myths about Personal Injury and Car Accident Claims

Common Myths about Personal Injury and Car Accident Claims

Having common myths about personal injury and car accident claims has become very common nowadays. This is because the victims do not tend to take legal advice from experts who are actually lawyers. However, knowing the correct information can help both the victims and the defaulter party set the settlement very precisely. Take some moment […]

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Pedestrian Hit by Car Edmonton

Know What to do When Pedestrian Hit by Car in Edmonton

Nowadays, a pedestrian-car accident is becoming a very common phenomenon worldwide. And this can be one of the deadliest and traumatic car accidents that you can ever experience. Nonetheless, some pedestrian accident happens for the unconsciousness of the driver or even the pedestrian themselves. But sometimes, it also can happen unfortunately or unintentionally. So, there […]

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Family Protection Coverage: Know Everything about It

Considering a car insurance policy is mandatory and a pretty daunting task. You have so many options to choose from, and also it is difficult to know if you really have the right protection in place. Not only that, you must have certain types of coverage in your policy that have a minimum of $200,000 […]

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family protection endorsement

SEF 44 and Family Protection Endorsement : Know Everything

As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen people less concerned about SEF 44 family protection endorsement until they experience a serious accident. Over the years, we have seen people experience severe motor vehicle accidents having minimum insurance coverage. I understand that the thought of experiencing a severe accident never sweeps your mind on a regular […]

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Pain and Suffering Compensation

How to Negotiate Pain and Suffering Compensation With Insurance

After claiming for a personal injury case, you may wonder what you are getting as a settlement. The settlement will depend on the damages or the injuries that you had from that accident. Some accident ends with major injuries and damages, and some end up with minor and small damages. But when the compensation is […]

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