What Happens If You are Injured in an Uber Featured Image

What Happens If You are Injured in an Uber?

With the use of the Uber app and firm, users can arrange to be picked up by someone else for a fee and then be driven to their location. By eliminating the need for cash (all rides are paid for using Uber’s credit card system), it improves the business process. It makes it simpler for […]

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How to Apply for Short Term Disability Featured Image

How to Apply for Short Term Disability?

Short-term disability is a brief time of disability that makes a person eligible for benefits to replace lost income. Depending on the particular plan, the incapacity period may be anywhere from 17 and 52 weeks. It would help if you could not perform the essential functions of your own work to be eligible for short-term […]

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How Hard is It to Get CPP Disability Featured Image

How Hard is It to Get CPP Disability?

Most Canadians know that the government provides CPP disability benefits, but most don’t know how hard it is to get a CPP disability. Many think it is almost impossible to get it, while others believe just the diagnosis of a debilitating disease is enough. This article provides more information on CPP disability and its eligibility […]

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Commercial Truck Accident Settlement Guide Featured Image

Commercial Truck Accident Settlement Guide

There arises a great deal of uncertainty in any vehicle or truck accident case procedure. Commercial truck accidents can be even more complicated since they involve bigger vehicles and transportation companies. So if you are looking for a subtle guideline on commercial truck accident settlements, consider this blog. What is a Commercial Truck Accident? Semi-trucks, […]

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Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident Featured Image

Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip-and-fall accidents can be severe. In that one minute, the sufferer could have a shattered pelvis, severed spinal cord, brain damage, or other broken bones. When someone suffers an injury, their first thought after medical help is to sue the party or parties responsible. However, pinpointing the correct defendant might be a significant challenge. So […]

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