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As a citizen, everyone should obey traffic rules and regulations. But what if someone breaks the rule? You’ll get a ticket and demerit points in Canada for violating traffic rules. On a scale of 2 to 7, you can get demerit points based on the violation type and numbers.

Sound confusing? This article explains the demerit points in Alberta, Canada, along with other information. Let’s learn about the demerit points and traffic rules and regulations so you know what to expect next time you get a ticket.

What are Alberta Traffic Safety Act Fines and Demerits?

Alberta has Traffic Safety Act and the provincial Highway Safety Act to ensure safe road and driving practices. These rules and regulations help our government to confirm the driving attitude. To ensure people follow the rules, the authority has developed a combination of penalties, including demerit points and fines.

Demerit Points in Alberta: How Does It Work?

Alberta has minor or major punishments for breaking any traffic rules. Among them, one of the ways is demerit points. According to Motor Vehicle Administration Act, demerit points will be included in your driving record. Besides, you can get your driving license suspended after obtaining several demerit points.

So how are demerit points determined?

Your earned demerit points depend on the offence type and driving license type. Regarding suspension, the decision entirely depends on Alberta’s Driver Control Board—they can do it whenever they feel it’s right.

However, they will let you know 10 days before the hearing and the suspension. You can attend the hearing session with or without a lawyer. Your driving records, attitudes, and skills will be considered thoroughly during the suspension process.

List of demerit points in Alberta

There are many reasons you can get a demerit point. People mostly get a ticket for overspeeding or having no seat belts during driving. You’ll get certain demerit points for each violation.

Demerits points are counted on a scale of 2 to 7. When you get a higher demerit point, your crime is also serious.

We created the following list based on the Alberta demerits point chart.

7 Demerit points

6 Demerit points

  • Crossing speed limit (50km per hour)
  • Negligent driving
  • Racing on the road

There’re different counts of demerit points for various speed limits. Keep checking the list to find all demerit points for speeding.

5 Demerit points

  • Neglecting an officer’s signal and not sharing information
  • Not following unsupervised railway crossing
  • Driving off while there’re vehicles with flammable gas, liquid, or other explosives

4 Demerit point

  • Crossing speed limit (30km to 50km per hour)
  • Not letting a school bus cross
  • Tailgating
  • Not moving over when required

3 Demerit points

  • Crossing speed limit (16km to 30km per hour)
  • Passing a vehicle in a playground, school zone, or sidewalk improperly
  • Driving by the wrong side
  • Not moving on the right-hand side when required
  • Occupying passage for other vehicles
  • Driving by the left side when it’s risky
  • Arriving on a highway and driveway without stopping first
  • Ignore pedestrians’ right-of-way
  • Disobey traffic signs and indicators, like- stops sign
  • Stunts on the highways
  • Not notifying an accident report

2 Demerit points

  • Crossing speed limit (1km to 15km per hour)
  • Failing to adhere to traffic rules and regulations
  • Occupying two lanes
  • Taking wrong lane
  • Blocking the traffic
  • Driving on a solid line
  • Not signalling correctly to change lanes
  • Risky lane change
  • Taking wrong turns
  • Unallowed U-turns
  • Not abiding by the traffic control devices

Want to know when they suspend your driving license? See the section below.

Demerit points according to driving license classes

You might already be aware that there are different kinds of driving licenses. The rules will vary on the driving license you have.

Class 5 and 7 license holders seem to have their licenses suspended. These licenses are mainly for graduated and non-graduated drivers.

So, let’s find out how demerit points and license suspensions work for citizens holding class 5 and class 7 vehicles disregarding traffic rules.

How many demerits for the class-5 license?

If you have a Class 5 driving license, your license will be suspended once you get a total of 15 points in 2 years or more than that. You will get a warning as a form of notice after you gather 8 points. Generally, people get the notice via mail.

How many demerits for the class-7 license?

If you’re a class 7 driving license holder, you’ll get your license suspended when you acquire only 8 points. Like a class 5, you will be duly notified that you’ve passed the safe demerits threshold.

How long do demerit points last on driving records?

Demerit points stay on driving records for up to 2 years from the day you were accused of disobeying traffic laws. Remember that the day of your conviction starts when you paid for the ticket, appeared in court, or failed to appear in court.

The demerit points don’t stay on your driving record forever. So, when do they expire? Or when do demerits reset in Alberta?

The demerits will be on your driving records for up to two years. That means after 2 years of you being guilty of traffic law-breaking, your driving records won’t include any demerit points.

Can you reduce demerit points?

You can reduce demerit points by enrolling for a government-approved Professional Driver Improvement Course and passing the exam. You need to score a minimum of 80%. With this method, you reduce demerits points and prevent getting convicted for breaking traffic rules and avoid the demerits.

However, you must complete the course before you appear the court for the conviction of a driving offence. So, try to schedule it accordingly. Once you’re done with the course, you need to submit the proof of the exam to Alberta Registry Agent to update it on your driving record.

The course will be valid for 2 years after the certificate is issued. Also, know that you can apply for this driving training only once in 2 years.

Moreover, if you’re a fully licensed driver, after completing the course before gathering 15 points or more demerit points, you can remove 3 demerit points every 2 years.

On the other hand, if you’re a graduated driver, you can sit for the driving exam after getting 8 or more demerit points and deduct 3 demerit points in 2 years interval.

Concluding Remarks

Demerit points are one form of penalty, and there’s a different range of demerit points according to the crime. The point will be in your driving records, but you can remove them by taking some measures. And if you need help fighting a driving ticket or license suspension, seek an expert lawyer’s help.


The following queries contain further information on Alberta’s demerits points. Check them if you want to know about the demerit points system thoroughly.

Do you get demerits for expired registration?

There aren't any demerit points for driving with an expired driving license. But you've to pay fines or get a more serious penalty for the offence. The fines can also defer. Usually, you might have to pay as high as $300.

How many demerits do I have?

You can check the demerits points in two ways. You can either visit Alberta's local registry office (local registry) or browse the official site of Alberta and request it with a MyAlberta ID. You must request your updated driver's record/ abstract by paying $25. You can check the demerit history of 3, 5, or 10 years.

How to check demerit points online in Alberta?

You can check demerit points using your MyAlberta digital ID. Visit > scroll down, find 'Demerits point – Overview' and click > Scroll down again, find 'Get a driver abstract' and click > Find 'Request a driver abstract online and follow their instructions to submit it.

Do you get demerit points for not wearing a seatbelt?

If you're not wearing a seatbelt as a driver or passenger, the belt doesn't work, or you are wearing the seatbelt incorrectly, you can get 2 demerits points. But depending on the other factors, the demerit points could be higher.

How many demerit points are in Alberta Class-5?

You can get any number of demerits points. To get your license suspended, your driving record needs a total of 15 points. However, you will be notified if you obtain 8 demerits points but lower than 15. To find out about these updates, you can check your driver's abstract.

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