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If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, chances are, you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcycle injuries are rarely minor. They are usually expensive and life-altering.

This is a stressful time for you. Don’t make it more stressful by losing out on the money you need to pay medical bills or replace lost income. In addition, if you’ve been hit by a negligent motorist you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

Motorcycle cases can become complex quickly. Fortunately, our lawyers have a proven track record for negotiating excellent settlements. They also are known as Edmonton’s toughest litigators, which means they achieve outstanding results in the courtroom when necessary.

Motorcycle Cases Get Complex Fast

Insurance companies tend to fight harder in motorcycle accident cases than they do in standard vehicle accident cases. This is because the injuries tend to be far more extensive. Motorcycle accidents often cause neck, spinal, brain, and head injuries that can lead to a need for long-term medical care. Injury Lawyer of Edmonton can help you get compensation for what you have lost in the accident without doing anything wrong.

These cases can also be harder to win.

This is because many people have a stigma against riders. It’s not fair, but it’s the truth: some riders have a much harder time gaining sympathy from judges and juries.

Insurance companies know it, too, and they work hard to use that perception to increase your percentage of fault. Sometimes they’re successful at preventing riders from collecting any money at all.

An experienced motorcycle lawyer can help present your case in its best light so that you can recover the money you need to be made whole again. We’ll gather the evidence and expert witnesses it takes to communicate the truth of the situation to everyone involved with your case.

Wrongful Death Suits

Motorcycle accidents often kill their victims. When that happens, their spouses, parents, or children are left with expenses.

Fortunately, Alberta law helps you recover against negligent parties whose actions result in the death of your loved ones. To do it, you’ll need to launch a wrongful death claim. You’re more likely to win that claim if you have a lawyer’s help.

Our compassionate, caring wrongful death lawyers are here for you. We know no amount of money can ever replace your loved one. We also know you need money to cover funeral expenses, to pay for any medical bills incurred before your loved one died, and to replace your loved one’s lost income or services. That’s what a wrongful death claim is for.

Wrongful death claims also exist to hold negligent parties accountable for what they’ve taken from you.

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