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Most people suffer from slip and fall injuries in their lives. This kind of accident can happen anywhere. Sometimes this type of accident can be deadly too. Though most of those accidents are not even their fault. You should know about common slip and fall injuries types and lawyer help after it.

According to the law, every building, parking area, the road must be safe to use or walk. If you slip and fall in those kinds of places or other property, you can file a case against the property or property owner. So, don’t hesitate to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property.

To file a case, you might need a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to give you justice from slip and fall accidents. However, you must know the steps you should take if you are a victim of slip and fall type accidents.

What you do after a slip and fall injury

If you ever experienced a slip and fall accident, then you must take a few steps immediately, which are very important. Such as:-

Get medical treatment

Getting the proper medical treatment is the first thing you have to do if you or any of your family members have had an accident. After the injury, tell your doctor what you think. If this kind of incident occurs, it is very critical to have proper medical treatment.

Report the accident

Another second step you should take if someone experienced a slip and fall accident. No matter how and where you experienced, immediately report to the police so that they can investigate the place of the accident. Moreover, don’t forget to inform the property owner, manager or landlord.


Try to gather relevant information like phone numbers, email addresses of the witnesses. You can also take some pictures of the accident spot so that you can prove it that you are not responsible for the accident.

Hire a lawyer

If you want to go for legal action, the best thing you should do is hire a lawyer. Because an experienced lawyer can help you to get the best result for your loss for the accident.

07 Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries Types

1. Soft tissue injuries

Acute skin wounds, tendrils or ligaments, no breaks, or internal damages to the soft tissue. It also includes cuts and tears of skin, often does not display outward symptoms of seriousness but can result in massive pain and an increased risk for possible incidents.

2. Head injuries

According to Care and Prevention Center for Diseases (CDC), the primary source of severe brain injuries is falling. Damage can be attributed to loss to wellbeing, spanning from coagulation and acute and long term problems such as cognitive impairment disorders, shifts in the personality, epilepsy and other aggravating effects in a relatively short period.

3. Hip fractures

Another severe case about slip and fall injury is the fractures in Hip. Again, it needs a lot of time to fix along with complicated surgeries and medication. A report of  CDC estimates that about 20% people who have faced hip fractures died within a year.

4. Spinal cord injuries

Injuries in the spinal cord almost always require immediate intervention and ongoing care afterward, which are severe and life-threats. It needs a lot of money to treat, and a long time bed rest.

5. Broken bones and spines

Whether the fracture is minor or the split is severe, fractured bodies and sprains collapse and can be healed for months. The extent of a broken bone or spines will be determined absolutely by only a radiograph.

6. Pain and suffering

It is difficult to calculate the amount of injury to pain as well as suffering after an accident. However, some factors may be seen as

  1. Physical distress.
  2. Worry and sadness.
  3. Social events suffered or mental problems
  4. Lack of enjoyment in life due to injury

7. Wrongful death

A slip and fall injury will lead to premature death in the worst case. The families of the deceased must show that to recover the harm in a faulty and wrongful death case:

  1. The accident was caused by negligence
  2. The accident is caused mistakenly

Potential damages in a slip and fall case

The incident of slip and fall can be caused a lot of potential damage. The injury also involves financial harm. Including housekeeping facilities, loss of life and lack of income in the future.

Their income, pain, and suffering are also included. This may be why scientific growth in the past and the future. Any accident will cause you to be injured indefinitely and could trigger property damage.

Hiring a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is very important if you had a slip and fall accident. Because you must prove that you are not responsible for the accident, it was someone else’s fault. To confirm that you are not responsible for the accident, you can’t alone fight the case.

To do this, you might need to hire a lawyer to fight for your case. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you to get the best result and he will help to get justice for the accident.

How slip and fall lawyers help you?

Slip and fall lawyer can prove liability

The first explanation of why you need a lawyer to help you claim guilt for your slip and fall injury lawsuit. One of the biggest struggles with this type of personal accident is that you were not liable for the event, but the person who owned the house or land was reckless.

A judge will review the proof and agree on the distinction between your incompetence and a landowner who realized it rained and his floors were muddy but failed to take the appropriate measures.

Such kinds of lawsuits are encountered by personal injury lawyers, who know where to begin with litigation statements.

Lawyer will talk to the witnesses regarding the accident

The prosecutors seek certain types of evidence concerning proof of obligation. Police will take pictures on the scene of the accident and talk to different witnesses. A prosecutor must speak to the survivors of the disaster.

Persons who had trouble with this property in the past can also be found. It’s advantageous to find someone who has had a slip and a drop case lately at the same house.

This means that the business or owner of the property knew the issue and the harm, but does nothing about it. The lawyers then provide the judges with this information to help you win the lawsuit.

Slip and fall lawyers deal with the lawyers and courts

In those situations, other lawyers are also useful in dealing with personal injury lawyers. The defendant’s counsel tries to reach a compromise that will benefit both parties. You can attend mediation.

Throughout counseling, hearings or other proceedings in the court system, you won’t have to chat. As an addition to helping to file claims, complaints and negotiations, an advocate can do all this.

If the dispute goes to the court, you have the counsel to argue that you are not liable for your injury and to provide proof.

How much slip and fall case worth

An alternative study estimates and sneezing injuries cost between $33,000 and $48,000 on average. Snow-related accidents lost $40 to $33,000 in falls.

Not only do these expenses ravage households but also raise insurance costs that affect our whole community.

Slip and fall cases are hard to win

Cases like Slip and Fall are hard to win. The first form that comes to mind when you hear of liability litigation, spill, travel, and autumn situations. Nevertheless, although they are common and slips and falls contribute to grave injury, slip and fall lawsuits are not easy to win. Consider your common slip and fall injuries types and lawyer help after it can win you the lawsuit.


Slip and fall cases are sporadic. But if you are in a slip and fall accident, you will know how painful it is. Some times it can be deadly too, or you might get hurt from this accident. Hope, now you know about common slip and fall injuries types and lawyer help after it.

If you ever had a slip and fall accident. Immediately check for injuries, do forget to inform the police and the authority of that place where the accidents happened. Another thing you should do is to hire a lawyer because hiring a lawyer is very important. If you don’t win the case hiring an experienced lawyer in the number one priority, so be safe when you walk when you use stairs, escalators etc. so that you can avoid this kind of slip and fall accident.

If you ignore these common slip and fall injuries types then you may face numerous difficulties after encountered in any accidents. In some cases, slip and fall injury lawyers like us can only help you to get out of dangerous situation you might have.

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