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Brake checking is prohibited in Canada while driving on a highway, and it’s not what the name suggests. Chiefly, it is potentially a dangerous act on the road. As it appears, this particular misdeed frequently results in collisions, if not accidents.

My primary answer to why people brake-check is that they do it on purpose. Reportedly, brake-checking is the epitome of road rage.

But there is more to it. I will talk about brake checking as an offence in detail and why people do it.

What is brake checking?

When a driver hits the brakes over and over again intentionally, this is known as brake checking or brake testing.

It all starts with a driver driving too close to your car’s rear bumper. The driver in front of you will brake, but they have no one in front of their car. That means –  they are simply applying the brakes, which don’t comply with traffic rules.

The brake check meaning boils down to one driver who will aim to cause the unsuspecting driver behind to collide, annoy, or go around the car.

On the other hand, drivers frequently brake check to communicate their proximity to the vehicle behind them. You can brake check as a warning to show the other drivers that are following too closely.

In these circumstances, brake checking is not dangerous when driving. However, a brake check is a reckless driving practice.

Why do people brake check: 2 Perspectives

Brake checking can happen for a variety of reasons. Actually, there are two different perspectives to consider.

One is that the driver is doing it on purpose and for no valid reason. And the other is that they are doing it for a reason.

Let’s have a deeper look at the reasons from two different perspectives.

Driver is doing it on purpose for no valid reason

Sometimes unruly teenagers maneuver brake checking. In that case, their friends could be in the rear vehicles. Or maybe it’s just other vehicles in the traffic that they are trying to annoy.

Check the points below and know why drivers carry out this action without any reason.

  • Perplexing the other driver and making them apply the brakes.
  • Give another driver headaches, causing them to steer away eventually.
  • Intentionally colliding with another driver for a commotion or an argument.

You can see that – these instances don’t seem to have any legitimate explanation.

Driver is doing it for a reason

Sometimes drivers attempt brake checking with a serious reason in mind. Learn about the reasons below.

  • Trying to signal the driver behind you to move away from the tail
  • The driver thinks that you cut them off
  • The driver believes that you are being slow or maybe aggressive on the road
  • The driver thinks that you made some sort of inconsiderate moves
  • The Drivers associated with brake checking have personal issues
  • The driver who is brake checking wants to claim insurance money from a car crash which might or might not be personal

What is the significance of brake checking?

For those who are new to the term, brake checking is when a driver intentionally uses the brakes forcefully enough to frighten the person behind them. In many circumstances, this will result in a collision.

The majority of the time, drivers brake check because someone is tailgating them. This is not an excuse to check your brakes. It’s an extremely aggressive, reckless, and risky action that could result in an accident or perhaps death.

If you get brake checked, is it your fault?

Mostly, the driver who has been brake-checked is held guilty of a crash because this means that you have been tailgating.

Note that both brake testing and tailing are equally dangerous. However, if you can prove that the drive in front of your brakes tested without any reason, that might render a different result.

Regardless, if someone drove aggressively during the accident, they may be held more responsible than the other drivers.

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What is the penalty for brake testing?

Brake checking is a serious offence. Thus, it can result in a two-year prison sentence and an indefinite fine. If a collision results in death, the consequences will be even more severe. In that case, the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment and a huge fine.

How to avoid being the victim of a brake test?

Instead of waiting until you are in a situation where another driver may brake check you, you can take some necessary precautions while driving to avoid this from happening.

Check the following tips –

  • Always make an effort to drive safely and courteously
  • Do not follow another driver
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles in front of you
  • Always stay within the speed limit and the correct lane
  • Install a camera on your dashboard at all times

What do to when you are being brake checked?

You might be wondering how you will handle a situation like this if you ever find yourself in one. Have The following points will help.

  • You can try to identify early warning signs. If another driver is upset with you, they may wave their arms, yell, or try to get in front of you as quickly as possible.
  • If you see any signs I just mentioned, you should maintain as much distance as possible from the enraged driver.
  • If the situation escalates – pull over. Moreover, you should avoid stopping in a dark sport. Also, try to pick a populated area. That way, you can prevent potentially threatening confrontations.

Can you report to the police?

You might have just faced brake testing. And, no collision happened, also you are okay. But you just won’t report to the police.

Yes, you can report. Nonetheless, no action is likely to be taken. But you can deliver evidence, and that will be extremely helpful in verifying the incident happened. The evidence could be in the form of a video. You can ask someone riding the vehicle with you to record. Also, you could just use the dashcam.

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What to do if there a collision occurs?

If a crash takes place, you need to call the police immediately. Also, try to keep calm. When you are injured in a brake-check accident, you can hire a lawyer. And it is the best way to seek justice.

However, filing a crash lawsuit does not mean that the case will go to a jury. Many car accidents are resolved without the need for a jury trial. In addition, settlements are possible at any point during the litigation process.

Why do people brake check and hit semi-trucks?

Brake checking semi-trucks is not like brake checking a car or other small vehicle. Most of the time, people do it to attain insurance. However, there are three main reasons—

  • Ignorance (They genuinely have no idea that their life in danger)
  • Road rage
  • Insurance fraud

Why do people brake check trucks?

Trucks are often brake-checked because of how heavy they are, which forces drivers to react more quickly and forcefully than other road users. It also takes them longer to accelerate back to full speed. This makes lorry drivers an easy target for insurance fraud, despite the fact that many of them have started placing dash cams inside their trucks to record video of accidents.

Final notes

Car rear-end collisions are most commonly caused by brake checking. Due to the lead car’s abrupt braking, the vehicle behind it occasionally falls into trouble.

In low-visibility conditions or circumstances with other road hazards, this practice is more likely to result in a rear-end collision.

In any rear-end collision, the passengers of the vehicle being brake checked can suffer fatal injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brake checking illegal?

It is illegal for a driver to brake check another car, despite the fact that driving too close to a driver in front of you is not encouraged and is simply unpleasant. For a number of reasons, brake checking, or purposely slamming on the brakes, is occasionally done.

Why do people brake check after overtaking?

Brake-checking is when a driver slams on his brakes in front of another car to slow them down, if not entirely stop them. Tailgating or following too closely is a common cause. Passing a large truck and then slowing down might be risky.

Is it right to brake check a tailgater?

While tailgating is inconvenient and illegal, it is always best to pull over and allow the other vehicle pass than to brake check them.

What should i do if i am break checked?

Do not confess blame if you get into a collision with someone because they brake checked you. From the scene of the accident, call the cops. Do not apologize to the other motorist; instead, ask for his or her name and insurance information while remaining courteous.

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