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Here’s the most actionable guideline on Insurance claim process for car accidents. We have discussed everything you need to know about it. It is essentials for every citizen to know so that you can apply whenever you need it.

If you are involved in a car accident, then you need to claim a settlement to the insurance company. Sometimes to avail yourself the benefits from an insurance company, you need to open a claim immediately after the incident. You need to prove that your accident and damages were genuine.

If you can do the claim process successfully, then they will make a settlement for your damages and injuries. However, in order to claim a settlement after a car accident, you have to follow a certain process. If you fail to do that particular process, then you will not be able to get that insurance benefits.

In this writing, you are going to know briefly about the insurance claim process for a car accident in Canada. Keep reading to learn more.

Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents in Canada

When you involve in an accident, there must be some damages and injuries happened. To recover those injuries and damages you may claim for a settlement to get benefits from an insurance company. That is why, after an accident, informing or calling the insurance company is the first thing that you should do.

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The settlement for the accident depends on a lot of things. All accidents are not the same. Some accident involves major injuries or damages, and some do not. That is why the assessment or determination of settlement amount will depend on certain factors. Those factors include the following:

  • Mental suffering or traumas from that accident
  • Physical injuries
  • Time and wages loss
  • Emotional strains
  • Any permanent damages
  • Asset damages

Auto Insurance Claim Process: A Step by Step Guide

In order to make a claim process, you need to go through a systematic way. If you fail to do so then perhaps you will not get your expected amount of settlement from the insurance company. There are also some documents and paperwork that you need to show to an insurance company in the claiming process. Those documents include,

  • Insurance policy copy
  • A police report from the accident (FIR)
  • A complete signed claim form
  • A copy of your car’s registration
  • Your driving license copy
  • Estimated repairing costs of damages
  • Medical reports of physical injuries
  • other expenses and so on

Below are given the step-by-step guide on insurance claim process for car accidents in Canada. Let’s check them out first.

Step 1 on Insurance Claim Settlement Process in Canada

After an accident, the first thing you need to do is to call the police or emergency 911. Informing the police is very important because you need the police report in the claiming process. Then try to take the car’s details and driver details that were responsible for the accident.

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If there are any witnesses, then try to record them on the police report. After that call your insurance company as early as you can. You should ask your insurance company for sending a surveyor who can come and evaluate the losses and damages. Then start the claim process with your insurance company.

Step 2 on Insurance Compensation Settlement Process

After a car accident, usually, you can open two different types of settlement claims. One is the third party settlement claim, and another is a claim by yourself. First of all, generally, you may make a third-party claim when you need to claim against the other car.

In this situation, you are the victim of the other car. That is why you had some injuries or your car damages. And you need expenses to recover or repair them. This claim will help you to compensate for the medical expenses and or any kinds of property loss.

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Sometimes, after an accident, you become unable to work. In that case, the insurance company will cover the loss of permanent damages or injuries. On the other hand, you can also file for a damage claim which is also known as your own damage claim. But in this case, you have to prove that you are the victim of that accident.

Step 3 on Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents

After choosing your damage claim option, you have to gather all the insurance details. Try to gather all the information about that driver who was responsible for that accident. Inform the insurance company about your accident so that they come and evaluate the real scene of that accident.

When the police will report the whole incident. Try to take a copy of that report and attach it to the insurance company. Do not take too much time to inform your insurance company. For a standard amount of settlement, you need to make sure that you inform the insurer immediately after the incident.

Step 4 on Insurance Claim Settlement Guideline

After doing all these, you need to submit the claim application to the third party. You have to make a claim against the other driver if you are the victim of that incident. You can also claim by your insurance company if you are responsible for any kinds of damages or injuries.

Step 5 on Insurance Compensation Claiming Guideline

Inform your nearby police station. When they come, they will make an accident report (FIR). You have to make sure that they mention certain things in that report. For example, all information about the car that was involved with the accident, driver’s license information, all necessary details of witnesses.

Finally, when you are done with all these things, you have to file a case to the respective jurisdiction. Generally, Motor Accident Tribunal deals with these cases. This will help you to get a very good amount of settlement from the insurance company.

How Much Will My Insurance Go Up With an At-Fault Accident in Alberta?

In Alberta, when you will claim compensation or recovery money for the damages you had, the insurance company will try to evaluate the incident. As we know, the settlement amount depends on a few things. All cases are not the same.

In some accidents, the victim has to go through a lot of pain and suffering. And it always depends on who is at fault. For example; if you had 50 percent responsible for an accident, the insurance company will give you more or less 50 percent compensation for your loss and damages.

In most cases, the amount is not determined. It can vary from situation to situation. There is no fixed amount for the settlement. But in general, the minimum amount goes from around 300CAD to 500CAD. On the other hand, the insurance company can go up to 25,000 CAD for car accident settlement payouts in Alberta.

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How Long Do You Have to Report an Accident in Alberta?

It is always better and recommended to inform the insurance company immediately after an accident. Because when an insurer comes to the incident scene, it will easy for them to evaluate and determine the damages and fault. In some cases, the victim is unable to inform the insurance company.

In those particular cases, when the police come to that accident, they make a first information report (FIR). These reports will help you later to get the insurance benefits. But you need to inform the insurance company as early as you can. Usually, after an accident within 5-6 days, you need to inform the insurance company to get the insurance benefits.

How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault?

In an accident, it is quite normal that both drivers will point their fingers at one another. And one wants to take the responsibilities. Sometimes, both drivers are equally responsible for an accident. For that reason, raising a dispute on who is at fault for the accident is quite common.

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Suppose you know that you had no default in the accident and if you had proof to show the insurance company, such as your injuries, car damages, and so on. Then you can submit a demand letter for that dispute. Remember, when disputes arise in an accident, it is also necessary to submit a demand letter.

Car Insurance Claims Advice

In order to get the insurance benefits, you need to claim a settlement. But the claim process involves a lot of tasks and paperwork. So it is not a simple process. One needs to go through a lot of things to claim a settlement.

That is why you can hire or call a professional injury lawyer who can help you out. It is always recommended to hire an injury lawyer for the claiming process. Because sometimes you will find things too difficult for you, but an injury lawyer can assist you with the necessary advice and documents that you need.

The Bottom Line

The insurance settlement will depend on how much damages you had from the accident. If you know that you were a victim, then you should immediately claim compensation. No matter how much you will get from the insurance company, it will help you to protect yourself against the other driver.

Hiring a professional injury lawyer is always better. Sometimes, you may get lost on what to do and what not. A lawyer can guide you in that situation. Hopefully, from this writing, you have learned about the Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents in Canada.

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