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Common Myths about Personal Injury and Car Accident Claims

Common Myths about Personal Injury and Car Accident Claims

Having common myths about personal injury and car accident claims has become very common nowadays. This is because the victims do not tend to take legal advice from experts who are actually lawyers. However, knowing the correct information can help both the victims and the defaulter party set the settlement very precisely. Take some moment […]

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Pedestrian Hit by Car Edmonton

Know What to do When Pedestrian Hit by Car in Edmonton

Nowadays, a pedestrian-car accident is becoming a very common phenomenon worldwide. And this can be one of the deadliest and traumatic car accidents that you can ever experience. Nonetheless, some pedestrian accident happens for the unconsciousness of the driver or even the pedestrian themselves. But sometimes, it also can happen unfortunately or unintentionally. So, there […]

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Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents in Canada

Here’s the most actionable guideline on Insurance claim process for car accidents. We have discussed everything you need to know about it. It is essentials for every citizen to know so that you can apply whenever you need it. If you are involved in a car accident, then you need to claim a settlement to […]

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Auto Accident Fault Determination Rules in Canada

Auto Accident Fault Determination Rules in Canada [Lawyers’ Opinion]

Determining who is at fault, is the most critical part of an auto accident unless or until the drivers themselves admit their guilt. Usually, the insurance company determines the fault of an auto accident but sometimes, it is pretty obvious to know that who is at fault side. However, Canadian government has guidelines as fault […]

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Back Pain from Car Accidents

Back Pain from Car Accidents: Hire a Lawyer Immediately

Got back pain from car accident? First, you need to find an experienced doctor who can treat you well and eliminate your sickness. Now, there’s a possibility that you may apply for claiming compensation for your physical losses due to the accident if you had nothing to do with the accident. An experienced personal injury […]

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