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Statutory Accident

An accident is an accident. And, it’s not essential every time to file a felony case and punish a criminal or a wrongdoer behind the scene. But, the law has a counterbalance for the injured one. What is that?

If you are injured and anxious about the imminent financial burden, be relaxed for now. There are 2 ways a person can get pecuniary assistance.

Did you know one of them is already in your auto insurance policy? Here, the benefits suggest your fault is not an issue, but the recovery.

That’s the idea of our today’s discussion. But, you want to know more, right?

What Are Statutory Accident Benefits?

Let’s carry on with detailed ideas on the discussion.


Statutory accident benefits are a form of no-fault benefits that helps an injured person financially recover from the trauma. It includes securing financial backing like income loss or medical expenses, etc.

It’s compulsory that auto insurance has the statutory accident benefit included.


Here comes…

Income Replacement Benefits

If a motor vehicle accident injury has left you significantly unable to perform the essential duties of your job, you may be eligible for income replacement benefits (IRB), which cover your lost wages. Unless you have optional benefits, which I strongly advise everyone to get for a little cost, the IRB pays the lesser of 70% of your monthly income or $400 each week.

Non-earner Benefit

A person would get non-earner benefits if s/he were not an employee at the time of the accident. The condition that a person would be eligible for non-earner benefit is suffering complete inability to lead a normal life. The weekly amount of money is $185.

Caregiver Assistance

Caregiver assistance is applicable for the person who’s a caregiver of another person, and the injury due to the accident makes it not possible. That depends on the necessary and innate expenses incurred. It’s up to $250.

Medical and Rehabilitation benefit

This benefit covers different types of expenses associated with treatment, medicine, and other services like ambulance service, wheelchairs, or other needed required devices.

In a severe accident, a person should talk to their injury lawyer. The expense of treatment varies from time to time, depending on the injury and the treatment.

The maximum amount could be around $3,500 if the injury category belongs to Minor Injury Guidelines.

Attendant Care Benefit

A person who needs personal care after an accident gets the attendant care benefit. The amount depends on the severity of the injury. The maximum benefit amount for this sphere is normally $3,000 per month.

Death and Funeral Benefit

An accident can cause death to a person. In that case, the family members receive death and funeral expense. The insurance company may pay the highest $6,000 for the cost.

Other Benefits

Other expenses to be covered are educational expenses, childcare, repairing personal belongings in the accident, home maintenance, etc. The sufferer has to present proof of the sufferings and expenses.

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How to apply for statutory accident benefits?

As the insurer pays it, the claim should be towards them. Then the sufferer will claim for their injury. For example, a pedestrian hit by a car will claim against the car driver.

After an accident, the victim should inform their insurer as soon as possible. There’ll be a form to fill up and return. That will be enough for applying. The form is called Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS).

Other things to know

Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule is available for anyone at any time. But, one thing to be noted is that the victim must inform the insurance company about the accident within 7 days.

So, if you had the conception that the benefit starts after an accident automatically, you are wrong.

Interestingly, there are situations that a person might be denied receive the benefits. These are-

  • Driving without the driving license
  • Driving other’s vehicles without the owner’s consent
  • Driving the car is engaged in any other crimes

The insurance company may deny providing accident benefits. There is the option to resubmit the application.

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Last Words

Statutory accident benefits appear as ample support for a person suffering physically and mentally. One of the convenient concerns of its benefits- is available for all regardless of their involvement in the accident, be it directly or indirectly. Also, by default, the benefit is associated with individuals’ automobile insurance.

Thus, know about it. Get a good lawyer and claim if you are injured and facing difficulties to lead your life after an accident. It takes a long time to recover while you have a little time to claim. Thus, use your valuable time to gain an early solution and come back to normal life soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are statutory accident benefits?

Statutory accident benefits are the financial assistance for the victim to meet up several expenses after an injury which they would not incur generally. The accident(s) mentioned here is associated with vehicle accidents only.

What are statutory accident benefits in Alberta?

The statutory accident benefits in Alberta cover the list that includes income replacement, hospital, and medical care benefits, death and funeral benefits, optional accident benefits, etc.

How long do non-earner benefits last?

The non-earner benefits last a maximum of 2 years. Previously the duration was a lifetime. Along with that, the waiting period will also take less time, that is, only 4 weeks. Previously it was 6 months.

What are Section B benefits?

An automobile insurance policy has by default no-fault accident benefits, which are called Section B benefits. One can claim this benefit if they or any relative are involved in an accident. And the claim goes through the vehicle’s driver’s insurer.

What are attendant care benefits?

Attendant care benefits cover the expense of the caring services for the person injured by an accident that is provided to them. These services are stratified as ‘reasonable and necessary. In this case, it was essential to hire a person to look after the injured person.

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