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Pedestrian Hit by Car Edmonton

Know What to do When Pedestrian Hit by Car in Edmonton

Nowadays, a pedestrian-car accident is becoming a very common phenomenon worldwide. And this can be one of the deadliest and traumatic car accidents that you can ever experience. Nonetheless, some pedestrian accident happens for the unconsciousness of the driver or even the pedestrian themselves. But sometimes, it also can happen unfortunately or unintentionally. So, there […]

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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents & Common Injuries

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents & Common Injuries

Every year around, hundreds of people die, and thousands are injured in pedestrian accident in Canada. Causes of pedestrian accidents can be different and you should be careful about them while driving. However, Bulks of them never report the accident to the police. These disastrous accidents mostly happen due to the negligence of the driver. […]

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