Do I Need a Helmet to Ride a Motorcycle? Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Alberta

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Alberta

Like every other law, even motorcycle helmet laws vary in different states. Researchers have found that motorcycle accidents have the highest severely injured or death rates because riders and passengers did not wear helmets.

In 2017, the Government of Canada stated new law that is both the driver and passenger need to wear a helmet. However, there are exceptions for Sikhs in three provinces, and one of the provinces is Alberta. Let’s look into the article to know more about motorcycle helmet laws in Alberta.

Types of Helmets Motorcyclists Can Wear

In an accident, people often have the most impact on the head, chin, and face. So, it is very necessary to get a good quality helmet. Often, helmets are bright-colored as such colours reflect and get noticed easily.

A helmet is for safety issues, so riders should replace their damaged helmets and purchase second-hand helmets.

Helmets are usually found in three types:

  • Full Coverage: It is recommended the most as the entire face remains covered, including the chin. The glass in front helps to avoid weather and particles to distract while driving.
  • ¾ Coverage: The helmet covers the face and back but not the chin as it is an open face. Moreover, glass needs to be added, so it is not helpful like full-coverage helmets.
  • ½ Coverage: This helmet only covers the head. So, the Coverage is not even nearly like the other two.

Helmets: Different State, Different Standards

In Alberta, drivers and passengers are expected to wear helmets that meet the standards. Every state has specific criteria for helmets.

There are five standards for riders from which they can choose. However, it is essential to choose one and get rid of the penalty.

The five standards are:

  • Canadian standard association – CSA
  • Department of transportation – DOT
  • British Standards Institution – BSI
  • Snell memorial foundation
  • United nations economic commission for Europe – UNECE

When Helmets are Required for Motorcyclists

Anyone who is driving or riding is asked to wear helmets. Based on traffic acts, the law is for motor vehicles used for cross traveling. Some of the cars are two-wheelers, ATVs, miniature vehicles, vehicles used while snowing.

Why Wear a Motorcycle Helmet?

Until now, you have already understood that helmets are necessary. Helmets increase the chances for people to survive. If you do not still have one, it is high time to get one because brain injuries turn to be traumatic and uncurable.

The damages can lead to problems like difficulty concentrating, memory loss, change of personalities, and many more. The chronic symptoms would eventually affect your social life: work, the standard of life, relationships.

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Steps to Take After an Accident

Everyone should prioritize their health. So, even if the person is feeling okay, they should still get a checkup done. Sometimes, injuries cannot be seen but felt after a few years. Later, the person can contact their lawyer.

Injuries can be occasionally beneficial, and accident claims are helpful. So, you can always hire a lawyer for help. Sometimes, accident claims can help you get free medical services.

If you faced an accident in Alberta, Edmonton Personal Injury, Car & Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is there for you at 780-413-9777. The law firm fights for justice and claims caused for accidents.

Some of the remunerations for motorcycle accidents are:

  • Wage: victims are compensated for the result that the injury would bring
  • Treatment: victims are paid for the medical treatment caused for the accident
  • Earning capacity: victims get compensation as they would not be able to work the same again.
  • Mental health: victims are compensated for the suffering that they would go through for the accident.
  • Disability: victims get compensation for the costs that they would have for being disabled
  • Rehabilitation: victims get compensation for helping them restore their everyday life
  • Potential: victims get compensation for losing the possibility to work as they had before the accident
  • Prescriptions: victims get compensation for the medicines they intake due to the accident.

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Alberta

According to the Government of Canada, drivers and passengers need to wear an approved helmet. However, Alberta has some exceptions.

Exceptions for people who do not need helmets:

  • Riding in own property
  • Riding in or depending for transport on someone else’s property by taking permission
  • Metis Settlements
  • Sikhs with turbans
  • Alberta transportation permission

Helmet: Penalty

Getting caught without a helmet can be very problematic. The basic fine for both passengers and riders is $155. However, if the helmet is not CSA approved, the penalty is $93.

Motorcycle Injuries: Alberta

  • Around nineteen people have motorcycle injuries every year
  • In the last ten years, by riding ATVs without helmets, 185 people died
  • Accidents without helmets caused head injuries which killed around 40% of the victims.
  • 2015 had the highest number of injuries of youngsters, which was nearly close to one thousand.


A rider takes the best precautions that they can to avoid accidents. Not only because of the motorcycle helmet laws in Alberta, but you need to use a helmet to be safe and sound.

On the other hand, by any chance, if you have a motorcycle accident, the best way to be less stressed is by hiring a lawyer. They will fight for you till you get justice!

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