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Bicycle accidents are happing more often than before. Most of the time careless drivers are primary reason for the accident but sometimes bikers also cause accidents on the road. Here we will discuss seven (07) major causes of bicycle accidents.

Bicycle is one of the smallest and most enjoyable transports to all kinds of people. They are light in weight and easy handling. Children also enjoy this transport very much. Though being small, the chances of bicycle accidents are huge in number, which brings about ruthless consequences (even death).

What are the 7 major causes of bicycle accidents?

Bicycle accidents are a common phenomenon on the roads in recent times. Cyclists are not at all careful about their driving or riding the cycles. This is the leading issue for accidents. Here go 7 significant causes of bicycle accidents among several reasons behind them.

Regardless of driving

Regardless driving is one of the most common causes of bicycle accidents, even any kind of vehicle accidents. When the drivers are very much careless about driving and busy with some other things, they are in a red zone of happening any collision on the road.

Nowadays, drivers or cyclists are seen to talk, type texts, dial numbers, use social media over their phones while driving. Not only that, but some cyclists also talk among each other and make a parallel driving on the road, which is too dangerous to drive.

Poor condition of roads

Poor conditions of roads are also responsible for bicycle accidents. Generally, cycles are very much light in weight, and that is why drivers cannot always control the balance of their vehicles.

Some roads are muddy; there are holes in the roads which the cyclists often do not notice properly. Another cause is that water and soil often fall over the roads, which makes them sloppy. There are severe chances to slip and occur an accident of the bicycles on these roads.

Rapid speed

Bicyclists meet dangerous accidents because of their speedy driving. Normally bicycles do not contain much speed as cars or motorbikes. So cyclists try to make a race often or want to ride their vehicles with high velocity in order to reach their destination a bit early. But this is so harmful to them.

Road conditions, weather conditions, traffic, and other things might not match up to their speed which can cause serious health issues, even death. Rapid speeding is mostly noticed among the young bicyclists as they consider themselves brave enough to take life risks.

Sudden lane shifting

Some car drivers weave through the traffic on the road, and they hardly notice the cyclists while weaving. This incident can cause major accidents. Further, bicyclists, while driving recklessly, do not maintain a safe distance from motor vehicles or cars.

According to the road traffic law of many countries, bicycles should maintain at least three feet distance in width from the other motor vehicles. But at present, bicyclists are unaware as well as callous of this rule. Moreover, they often change of shift lanes suddenly without looking outside carefully. Sudden lane changing has become one of the major causes of bicycle accidents.

Violation of traffic rules

One of the major causes of intersection collisions is the violation of traffic rules. In accordance with the traffic rules, if you see red lights, it means you must stop until the green sign comes. But, some car drivers, as well as bicyclists, violate traffic rules to go faster and earlier in their destinations which may happen harmful occurrences.

Car drivers, while driving ahead violating the traffic rules, cannot always notice the bicyclists beside them. As a result, they drive their car over them or drive away by hurting them and enhance the accidents.

Accidents by doors

The door opening of some vehicles is also liable for increasing bicycle accidents. At every turn, the car drivers park their cars in the roadside parking, and when they unlock their doors suddenly, they cannot notice the bicycles riding beside them. Bicyclists also become unable to control and balance their cycles at the time of sudden openings of the car doors. Consequently, there happens a collision, and bicyclists suffer a lot.

Inattentive turning

Most of the time, while cycling on the roads, bicyclists cross the turning points of the roads very inattentively. Even when the traffic shows the green signals, the cyclists begin to ride without noticing other vehicles or pedestrians on the roads or beside them. This increases the chances of accidents also.

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Bicycle accidents are increasing day by day. There are a number of major causes of bicycle accidents, but these 7 causes are the most common nowadays. Bicyclists should be more and more careful to avoid these accidents because they turn their lives into risks.

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