10 Most Common Injuries of Bicycle Accidents

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Most Common Injuries of Bicycle Accidents

During a bicycle accident, you may have injured differently. In most cases recorded on the accident database, several injuries can be explained under some common lists. So, here we are going to discuss the most common injuries of bicycle accidents. It will help you to understand how bicycle accident claim cases are distinguishing while deciding compensation amounts.

Bicycles are very much enjoyable transports to ride or drive. They are too small and light in weight that everybody can easily handle them. However, bicycles often get crashed with other motor vehicles on the road and propagate perilous injuries. They even cause the ultimate death of cyclists.

What are the most common injuries of bicycle accidents?

Bicycles normally crash with larger vehicles than them such as motorbikes, car tracks, and more. There are several injuries that bicycle accidents generate. They beget huge physical and mental troubles in cyclists’ lives.

Here are some of the most common injuries of bicycle accidents.

1. Head injury

The most common injury in a bicycle accident is a head injury. Cyclists often involve in vehicle crashes which might cause significant harm in their heads. Head injuries become severe when it turns into skull fractures, concussions, contusions and even intracranial hemorrhaging.

Sometimes helmets become fail to protect the cyclists from these ruthless head injuries rather the helmets themselves make injuries by being thrown or cracked. They may also suffer from brain injuries which might cause loss of memory, confusion, and other cognitive troubles.

2. Mutilation

Bicycle accidents bring about a traumatic amputation for which there can be mutilation in the cyclists’ bodies. For example, they might lose toes, fingers, nails, and other parts of the body because of these collisions.

3. Face injury

Bicycle accidents provoke harm on the faces as well as facial soft tissues. They create facial bone fractures, maxillofacial trauma, and damages in other soft tissues on the faces of the cyclists.

Facial injuries at every turn affect the heads of the cyclists too, which might produce a monstrous effect on cyclists’ brains. Eyes can be affected badly out of these accidents. The eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body. So, the cyclist, if possible, must check his eyes after an accident happens.

4. Bone fracture

Accidents by bicycle crashes induce intense bone fractures. Cyclists face severe fractures in their bones of arms, shoulders, hands, legs, wrists, hips, clavicles, etc. These fractures need at least one or sometimes more surgical therapies and treatment to come around early. Jaw and neck fractures may also happen from bicycle accidents.

5. Abdominal and chest injury

Bicyclists also meet with strong injuries in their chest or abdomens. These injuries involve fractures in the ribs, injuries in the lungs, pancreatic trauma, and so on. Abdominal and chest injuries are too critical to handle.

They usually happen by the hits with a strong force. Chest injury might crate heart problems that might turn into a heart block or attack in the long run. Chest problem often originates breathing troubles.

6. Soft tissue and skin injury

Bicycle accidents generate skin and soft tissue injuries mostly. Cyclists suffer from various skin problems like bruises or lacerations because of a bicycle crash with other motor vehicles on the road.

Moreover, when a car hits a small bicycle, the cyclist loses the controlling power or balance of the bicycle. As a result, he falls on the roads and drags and skids on the surface to an extent. These skidding and dragging produce exquisite damages on the soft tissues of the cyclists’ bodies.

7. Musculoskeletal injury

Musculoskeletal injury means injuries in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves of the body. Bicycle accidents mostly raise these kinds of musculoskeletal injuries. Further, fractures in the bones, strains, dislocations, and sprains are also involved in these injuries. But the most common musculoskeletal injuries include elbow and wrist injuries of the body.

8. Mental trauma

Not only physical injuries, but bicycle accidents also create huge mental trauma among bicyclists. Some cyclists become so afraid of these collisions that they refuse or frighten to return back in cycling again.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common emotional damage that cyclists go through after bicycle accidents. Along with this, cyclists also suffer from other psychological issues, for example, insomnia, mental anguish, frustration, nightmares, and so on.

These psychological inconveniences must need proper medications and counseling to be recovered soon. A professional psychologist or counselor is necessary for the victim.

9. Dental injury

Some bicycle accidents originate from dental troubles. They might produce maxilla fractures, cracked or broken teeth chipped teeth, broken mandibles, and many other dental issues. Cyclists may lose some of their teeth forever.

10. Untimely death

Although bicycles are very small vehicles in size, they create larger damages while involving in collisions with other vehicles on the road. All the injuries such as bone injury, head, and facial injury, mental troubles, brain injury, and so on, are much severe and dangerous than even causes the untimely death of a cyclist. This is much traumatic for the family members of the victim.

Improvement from the injuries

Different types of injuries of bicycle accidents need different treatments to be improved as soon as possible. Small injuries also need proper and immediate treatment. They should not be neglected because small injuries might give longer pains and sufferings.

After an accident, the cyclist must identify the exact problem or injury and take treatment accordingly. Some injuries do not need surgical care, and they recover from non-surgical medications.

Surgical treatment needs for the bone and spine fractures especially. Physical therapy may also be taken for muscle and nervous system—psychological treatment needs for mental issues. Victims must follow the instructions of the doctors, even if it is for a longer time period, to become completely well.

If the cyclist is not responsible for the accident, he can consult with a professional lawyer who handles this type of injury cases, to claim compensations for his injuries from the responsible party. They will pay your medical expenses such as hospital bills, doctor’s fees, medicines, and so on.


Bicycle accidents should never be neglected or easily taken as they bring about ruthless consequences in the lives of the cyclists as well as for their families. The most common injuries of bicycle accidents which have already been mentioned above create severe damages for the cyclists both bodily and emotionally.

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